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Please Donate Today

Basic Clothing

It is difficult to grasp the essential truth that there are kids in our community for whom basic clothing (shorts, pants, socks, underwear, etc.) is almost a luxury.

Although we never directly interact with the kids we help, we are kept aware of the heartbreaking situations some kids are in. Fortunately, we are blessed to hear heartwarming stories from guidance counselors, nurses and other referring partners of instances where we made a difference when no one else was there.

Dental Care

St. Christopher’s Children has made major progress in meeting the clothing needs of kids in crisis. Another challenge is to help kids who are struggling in school because they cannot get medical care. St. Christopher’s steps in to refer children needing dental, orthodontic, vision and other medical care to appropriate medical professionals. We are blessed to have available to us doctors and dentists who have donated more than $325,000 in services since our formation in December, 2007.

No One Else is There because:
– South Carolina Medicaid does not provide Orthodontic Treatment for these children
– Parents/caretakers are unable to provide for the needy children
– Parents/caretakers have exhausted all other avenues of assistance.

As of January 2020, STCC has helped 238 children, with 50 plus waiting. It’s too early to know the specifics of how these stories will end but we are confident we are helping these kids get healthier and gain increased self esteem – important determinants of how well they will do as students. We currently have 50 plus kids awaiting funding for the orthodontic care they need.

Orthodontic Impacts

Our ortho results survey produced measurable result for our critical care program

– 85% live a healthier life
– 80% cited a positive change in their life
– 73% are more productively academically
– 72% indicated an improved smile
– 65% of kids smile more
– 65% indicated they have more self-confidence
– 61% have increased school attendance
– 52% stated they are a better student
– 42% will give back to their community

To donate specifically towards our Dental Care and Orthodontics program, please click on the GoFundMe logo below

Our Store

St. Christopher's Resale Shop

Since 2014, St. Christopher’s Children has operated a resale store run by our Store Manager and staffed by volunteers to support our fundraising efforts on behalf of children in need throughout Georgetown County.

There are leather jackets, furs, all types of slacks and suits for the gentlemen who now visit us regularly. Our ads feature the phrase “Shhhhhh. Did you know I always go shopping at St. Christopher’s before going to the other department stores?” Such great bargains on dresses and gowns as well as blouses, slacks and designer purses. There are  nice household items and a collection of jewelry for both ladies.  Only the best is kept and offered for sale to our customers. And remember, no sales tax ever. We are a Tax Exempt South Carolina Charity.

Our Resale Shop features  famous brand names known in fine apparel such as: Talbots, Chicos, Lands End, Armani, Appleseeds, EvanPicone, LL Bean, and Burberry. We also have some nice paintings, lamps, rugs comforters and other unusual items for your home or condominium.

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