Donor Gifts

It’s never too late to plan for the people and causes you care about, your contribution to our organization helps us continue to deliver the needed services to the disadvantaged children of Georgetown County.

What To Give?

  • Gifts of cash is a simple and easy way for you to make a gift
  • Gifts of insurance, your gift of life insurance policy is an excellent way to make a gift to our organization
  • Charitable gift annuity, is a great way to make a gift while receiving fixed payments to you for life.
  • Bequests to leave a legacy, one of the most popular ways to help further our mission.

For more information about gift options, please contact our office at 843-235-8002 and we will put you in touch with our professional advisor.

Donor Stories

David & Sandra Goulet

David & Sandra Goulet donate $650 for a child in need of oral surgery……why do they donate?

“Being parents, and now grandparents, we have always felt that any investment in the future of a child is priceless. We are very impressed with what St. Christopher’s Children provides directly to the youth of our community. St. Christopher’s orthodontic program provides life-long benefits that we feel blessed to support.”

Special Friends of St. Christopher’s Children

Contributing Annual Appeal (Gifts of $100 - $1000)

$100 Donors

  • Chet & Diane Maslowski ($100)
  • William & Cynthia Lapworth ($100)
  • Margaret & J. Phillip Dellasega ($100)
  • Karen Collins ($100)
  • James D De Merlier ($100)
  • Becky Sanders ($100)
  • James & Patricia Trombly ($100)
  • John Summers & Douglas Small ($100)
  • John & Kathleen Bestic ($100)
  • Margaret Ferraro ($100)
  • Robert & Susan Pelletier ($100)
  • Jane & Gordon Young ($100)

$200-500 Donors

  • Robert & Ruth Pelletier ($500)
  • Frank & Mary McGinnis ($200)
  • Perry & Carol Mikles ($200)
  • Thomas & Linda Edwards ($300)
  • William Hopkins ($200)
  • Pate Fund ($500)
  • Harold & Claudia Stowe ($250)
  • Z M & Elizabeth Clare Thomas ($500)

$1000+ Donors

  • Simon & Anna Bula ($1000)

Monthly Donors

C. Steve Lee
Gerald & Mischelle Napoleone
Royal & Deborah Elmendorf

Donor Legacy

  • Kathryn J. Phillips (Bequest)
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