Frequently Asked Questions

How does St. Christopher’s Children make sure that it is not duplicating a service offered by another organization?

STCC uses a Medical Care Eligibility Procedure which must be followed by individuals and STCC’s social service partners.” The procedure confirms that:

  • Caretakers/parents are unable to provide for the needy children and
  • Recipients have exhausted other avenues of assistance.

I would like to offer my time to help St. Christopher’s. How can I help?

We would welcome people for the following volunteer positions:

Role: Purchase age appropriate clothes for kids in need

  • Love shopping for kids
  • Willing to put thought and effort into purchases.
  • Willingness to search for bargains

School/Referring Partner Contacts
Role: Assure assigned organizations understand what we do and get our help

  • Ability to establish rapport with your counterparts in schools/organizations
  • Flexible – ready to cover for another when necessary.

Graphic Designer
Role: Provide high quality graphic support for our website, electronic newsletter and printed materials.

  • Demonstrated experience in graphic design
  • Ability to work with a team in the graphic design process

Bookkeeper/Office Manager
Role: Record cash receipts and payables transactions into bookkeeping system

  • Knowledge of Quickbooks accounting system
  • Maintain corporate records and ensure filing deadlines are met for state and federal filings
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Prepare financial statements for board of directors meetings
  • Print forms/documents and prepare periodic mailings