Basic Clothing

It is difficult to grasp the essential truth that there are kids in our community for whom basic clothing (shorts, pants, socks, underwear, etc.) is almost a luxury.

Although we never directly interact with the kids we help, we are kept aware of the heartbreaking situations some kids are in. Fortunately, we are blessed to hear heartwarming stories from guidance counselors, nurses and other referring partners of instances where we made a difference when no one else was there. The following examples are typical of the needs of 1,582 kids we have provided with clothing:

I had a parent call me today. She said she had lost her job. She told me she had two children in school. Together they shared two pairs of pants to wear to school. I sent a voucher to St. Christopher’s Children and had clothes for these students within the school day. What a blessing.

A teacher called. She had a student who came to school with his shoes taped together with duct tape. St. Christopher’s Children was here with shoes the next day. Words cannot express our gratitude enough for all the acts of kindness that you so willingly give to us.

I had a student who came into school last year and he kept coming into my office every day. He didn’t want to be in school. He wasn’t doing his homework. He didn’t want to be around other people, just said he didn’t feel good…he was sick. And come to find out his family couldn’t afford to buy him new clothes. And he didn’t want to be in school.

A Murrells Inlet family, whose three children attend my school, lost everything in a fire. St. Christopher’s responded very quickly with new clothing and shoes for the children, enabling them to continue attending school while their parents handled the many details of the recovery from the fire.