The burdens endured by many children in our community are difficult to comprehend. These “shadow children,” unseen until a crisis occurs, are St. Christopher’s Children. A community-based, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, St. Christopher’s Children purchases basic clothing for children in critical need and refers them to medical professionals when no one else is there.

ST. CHRISTOPHER – Our Inspiration
St. Christopher was noted for helping others. A huge man, he frequently assisted pilgrims cross the dangerous rapids in a river. Once, a small child sought help in crossing. St. Christopher gently placed the tiny person on his broad shoulders to cross to the other side. As he moved through the torrent, the child became heavier with each step. The child was the heaviest burden St. Christopher ever carried, but one that transformed his life. That child was Jesus.

Together, We Will Make a Difference
“We will help as many of these children as possible toward a better tomorrow. Your contribution will make a difference. Please be there for these shadow children of Georgetown County.”

– Robert Pelletier, Founder, St. Christopher’s Children

Our Story In Brief (three minutes)

For a more in depth version (7 minutes), click here.

New at the St. Christopher’s Children Resale Store

The store has recently been remodeled to be an even better showcase for all the items we have for sale in this unique boutique and gift shop! While our “Dress for Success” theme is carried out in an ever-changing stock of beautiful clothing, shoes, and jewelry, you also will find pottery, housewares, and some unique furniture items not to be found in other establishments. Here are some photos of recent items available at the boutique—store proceeds go to support the children in need in Georgetown County: