The burdens endured by many children in our community are difficult to comprehend. These “shadow children,” unseen until a crisis occurs, are St. Christopher’s Children. A community-based, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, St. Christopher’s Children purchases basic clothing for children in critical need and refers them to medical professionals when no one else is there.

ST. CHRISTOPHER – Our Inspiration
St. Christopher was noted for helping others. A huge man, he frequently assisted pilgrims cross the dangerous rapids in a river. Once, a small child sought help in crossing. St. Christopher gently placed the tiny person on his broad shoulders to cross to the other side. As he moved through the torrent, the child became heavier with each step. The child was the heaviest burden St. Christopher ever carried, but one that transformed his life. That child was Jesus.

Together, We Will Make a Difference
“We will help as many of these children as possible toward a better tomorrow. Your contribution will make a difference. Please be there for these shadow children of Georgetown County.”

– Robert Pelletier, Founder, St. Christopher’s Children

Our Story In Brief (three minutes)

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Do you need tickets to the Derby on the Creek Event?
Join us Saturday, May 6 at 4:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m. at 165 Prospect Point Loop, Georgetown, S.C., for our second annual Derby on the Creek event. It will be a great afternoon on the banks of the creek under the tent with lots of food, mint juleps, select beverages, games, music, and dancing, and gather to watch the Kentucky Derby. There will be a buffet dinner following the Derby. Shuttle service will be available from the DeBordieu club house to the event. Ladies, here’s your chance to sport your best Derby hats—photos will be posted following the event. Proceeds go to children who need orthodontic care that is not paid for by Medicaid, and clothing. Tickets are available at the St. Christopher’s Resale store in the Applewood Restaurant Building at 14361 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, S.C., or e-mail to

News: St. Christopher’s Children Aids 2,915 in 10 Years, Plans Feb. 11 DeBordieu Country Club Fundraiser
Bob Pelletier of Pawleys Island said he decided to begin St. Christopher’s Children 10 years ago, after driving along a road in Pawleys Island and noticing a little girl walking in the cold. She was wearing flip-flops, and not dressed for the weather. Pelletier said he realized the good things happening for children at Christmastime had missed that little girl.

He founded St. Christopher’s Children, a non-profit, nondenominational organization. It assists youth referred to as “shadow children.” St. Christopher’s Children helps youngsters in Georgetown County’s schools that have no other way of getting the assistance needed. During 2016, it also helped children referred by the Family Justice Center.

“We are community-based and rely on volunteers to perform our work,” says Pelletier. “We seek to help children of all ethnic groups and provide funds for those personal needs that cannot be met by existing social services or governmental agencies.” Pelletier estimated the organization has helped more than 2,750 children with clothes, shoes and other necessities, and it will have provided braces for at least 165 children. He said they try to get orthodontic care for two children per month. They have 35 children on a waiting list.

Pelletier said, “If they have teeth problems, that big smile is not there to help them get a job later on as an adult. St. Christopher’s Children is registered with Amazon Smile,” said Pelletier. “When purchasing through Amazon and clicking on this smile link, one-half percent of the purchase will be donated to St. Christopher’s Children.”

The organization’s Facebook page has links to videos, including, “St. Christopher’s Children Love School Nurses” and “Girls Striking Mannequin Challenge Poses at McDonald School 100 Dresses Event,” which explain how school nurses play an important link to volunteers, who never meet the kids they assist. McDonald Elementary School Nurse Susan Carolina, a board member of SCC, said for the first time they can see an individual who is now grown and working in a good job.

This person was be one of many attending a fundraising dinner gala at DeBordieu Country Club Ballroom, Georgetown, at a 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11. Nurse Carolina said the man would explain what St. Christopher’s Children has meant to him. For information call 235-8001 or visit on the web. Donations may be sent to PO Box 749 Pawleys Island, SC 29585.

News: Girls Honor St. Christopher’s Children at McDonald School ‘100 Dresses’ Event
Freezing and striking ‘mannequin challenge’ poses are girls dancing and parading around in a “100 dresses” event. They pause to honor St. Christopher’s Children and its founder, Robert Pelletier, at McDonald Elementary School, Georgetown, Monday, Dec. 12. Audiences of a recent New York City stage play, “The Hundred Dresses,” took part in the “100 Dresses Drive,” donating 400 dresses during shows last October. Producer Laura Luc drove from NYC and delivered the dresses to Pawleys Island. Her mother has a home here. School Nurse Susan Carolina took dresses to McDonald Elementary where students wear the colorful items to do fun things like dancing until the music stops, then all freezing and striking ‘mannequin challenge’ poses.

NEWS: Artist Designs Mascot for St. Christophers Children
Artist April Bensch has designed a colorful mascot for St. Christophers Children, a Pawleys Island organization for Georgetown County youth with special needs. She says she was smiling the whole time she was creating the mascot, “Saint Chris, the Derby Horse With Braces on Its Teeth.” Her work is a prelude to the release later this year of a new children’s book being written about Saint Chris. She will also provide additional illustrations for the book.

The novel’s author is Thomas Pelletier, who is the son of St. Christophers Children Founder Robert Pelletier. “I love how colorful Mr. Pelletier’s description of his horse character was, and I couldn’t wait to bring it to life,” says Bensch. “I love the beauty in his story—someone who overcomes adversity despite difficult beginnings and is able to shine all the more brightly due to his imperfections,” she says. “I would hope everyone could learn a lesson from this horse; to not give up or make excuses about their capabilities because of their past or current challenges.”

“I enjoy creating work for children, whether it is a mural for a youth’s playroom, or illustrating a children’s book, because children are just like me, ‘childlike.’ They love color, they love nature, they love to find secrets in small details, and they love to laugh. St. Christopher’s mascot is no exception to these concepts.”

“Giving back to youth and community is not just fun or rewarding, it also is essential,” she says. “If we want our world to get better instead of worse. In a culture where the mantra seems to be, ‘So, what can you do for me,’ it is such a blessing to be involved in any event or organization devoted to the opposite.”

NEWS: Precious Blood of Christ K of C Helps St. Christopher’s Children
This video shows Grand Knight Bill Sturgeon, Precious Blood of Christ Catholic Church Knights of Columbus, Council 11028, Pawleys Island, S.C., presenting a $500 check to Lisa Hinkson, Executive Director, St. Christopher’s Children. The Executive Director says the check for $500 will assist the non-profit in carrying out its mission in Georgetown County. “It aides youngsters in critical need by purchasing basic clothing for some and by referring others to medical professionals. We also operate St. Christopher’s Resale Store in Pawleys Island, adjacent to the Applewood House of Pancakes.”

NEWS: St. Christopher’s Children Named One of State’s Top 10 Charitable Angels
Bob Pelletier, founder of St. Christopher’s Children, accepting the recognition of St. Christopher’s Children being named to the 2014 list of the top 10 charitable Angels by the S.C. Secretary of State.

Bob Pelletier, founder of St. Christopher’s Children, accepting the recognition of St. Christopher’s Children being named to the 2014 list of the top 10 charitable Angels by the S.C. Secretary of State.

St. Christopher’s Children was named one of the top 10 charitable Angels of 2014 by the S.C. Secretary of State. The nonprofit, which provides clothing and other services to the area’s children, was nominated by the public for its work helping kids in need. Read more about the award in the Coastal Observer’s account.